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Believe it or not, in 2020 there is still no easy way to get life insurance online. RiskDX is a company trying to change this. Their software is the first-ever online life insurance platform in North America.

Even if you don’t know much about the insurance industry, you probably have a good sense of its stigma. Here are some associations that come to mind: annoying salesman, boring actuaries, piles of paperwork, intangible concepts impossible to understand… You get the point – it’s hard to warm up to insurance.

RiskDX is disrupting this antiquated industry and they wanted a brand identity that would stand out from the rest of the insurance dinosaurs.

Our design challenge was to capture their disruptive spirit and create an identity that’s clean, modern and credible, yet striking and different from everything else in the marketplace. It was about finding harmony between two opposing ideas – credibility and accuracy vs. amusement.

To accomplish this we used geometric shapes, sharp angels and GT Walsheim (a friendly but precise typeface which unlike other geometric sans-serifs, sports warm curves and wears a broad smile) in combination with a bold mix of loud colors and illustrations.


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