FitKit Commercial

Video production
Brand positioning

The most flexible way to work out.

FitKit is a mobile app on a mission to do away with gym memberships.

Traditionally, to work out in a gym, you sign up for a membership, pay monthly or annual fees and commit to that specific facility. By downloading the FitKit app and paying for its subscription, users get the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of activities and dozens of locations including gyms, yoga studios, pilates, kickboxing and so on.

Our challenge with the video was to communicate this new service in a powerful and catchy way that would attract exercise enthusiasts. We used a combination of action footage shot at real FitKit partner locations and coupled it with simple action verbs (kick, push, jump, splash…). The result was an energetic 60-second clip that captures the spirit of the exercise community and celebrates a culture of staying fit.


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