Dental Clinic

Brand Identity
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Drills! Needles! Pain! Anxiety! A visit to the dentist can be a scary experience.

Dental Clinic Margita Smileva, a full-service dental office, is on a quest to beat the old dentist stigma and become a place where patients feel comfortable and familiar. They tasked Relish to redesign their identity and website in an effort to construct a new – friendly and approchable – face for the clinic.

We designed a color system that shines and a logo (comprised of the cyrillic “M” and “S”, for Dr. Margita Smileva) that smiles. Literally.

Photography was a key piece of our visual system. Rather than using models or stock photography, we featured portraits of the clinic’s doctors and staff. Early on in our discovery process, we concluded that what makes a clinic stand out is not the list of services it offers or the technology it uses, instead, it’s the credibility and expertise of the dentists that work there. So, we placed the clinic’s team at the top of our communication hierarchy making them the main actors in all brand visuals.

All photographs was shot in collaboration with photo duo Ani & Dimi.


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